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GENII provides both the means and methods to corral your disparate data and business processes into a single functional enterprise view. There have always been obstacles in the way to enterprise integration, and isolated silos result naturally. GENII contains the magic to breathe interoperability into an organization by promoting data owners to data stewards and blending data and process painlessly and synergistically. It's easy, it's fun, it's remarkably inexpensive − and the integration process happens fast enough for stakeholders to see impressive results straight out of the starting blocks.

GENII is a built set of tools that help you build, maintain, and integrate your enterprise data. GENII molds to your data and the way you do things. Applications can be built against your data and business processes almost as quickly as they can be described. GENII reaches out to your data − your data are not put into GENII. Imagine a single tool which presents a single view of facilities, inventories, work orders, assets, health services, personnel, contracts, and mapping, yet data stewards remain in both possession and control of their data, process, and structure. GENII is an innovation and its data integration and interoperability capabilities are only limited by imagination.