Fleet Management
Inventory Management
Health Services
Highway Management
Building Permits
Traffic Counts
Flood Plain Analysis
Census Data
Executive Reporting
Zoning Permits
Code Enforcement
Restaurant Inspections
Emergency Response
Air Quality Maps
Drainage Facilities
Pavement Markings
Facilities Management
General Ledger
Deposit Receipts
Recycled Materials
Map Libraries
Document Management
Work Orders
Temporal Parcels
Water and Waste Water
Animal Control
Crashes and Accidents
Time Sheets
Fuel Management
Data Modeling
Application Prototyping
Right-of-Way Permits
Grading Permits
Work Flow Management
Improvement Disticts
Asset Management
Drilling and Well Permits
Maintenance Checklists
Ground Water Remediation
Voter Registration
Road Closures
Political/Survey Boundaries
Live Data Feeds
Environmental Waivers
Control Point Improvement
Data Clearing House
Map Library

Anything you can think of! GENII operates by reaching out to your data and process and molding to it. It is not like other software where users must conform to what that software was built to do. This means that GENII, its built-in business logic, and rapid prototyping design can reach out to you and your process--to first build any number of applications (as there are no license limits), and then sew these applications into a seamless enterprise fabric. As such, GENII can be simultaneous employed from three different directions three ways:

Legacy Data Connection: Reach out to existing data employed by others and make these data operable and available to the enterprise. This does not impact the operation of the legacy system.

New Process Creation: Create new data models for envisioned purposes and then build an application against this modeled process. With the rapid prototyping tools of GENII, such applications can be built in hours or days.

Data Connection and Legacy System Replacement: Reach out to existing data employed by others and make these data operable and available to the enterprise, disconnect the legacy system, and then use GENII to evolve data and process towards a modern vision.